Wednesday, March 30, 2011

June 2010 - Local Adventures

16JUN11 - Letchworth Sate Park - Lean-to
52.4 miles day 1
I miss Wendi.
Lots of climbing and rain, but having a good time. Loaded bike, slicks and wet roots on the FLT do not mix well.

18June10 - Allegheny State Park, NY
Sitting in a subway at 7:30am getting my caffeine fix and staying warm. Woke up to thick fog, every thing was wet from the heavy dew and the tent was covered in snails. Took me more time to remove the snails than to pack. Just outside of Salamanca this morning heading for the park. Hope to get a site for the evening

Sitting here by myself I really miss Wendi. And someone to talk to. I guess I have my touch to keep me occupied. Just charging the battery now.

The bike is holding up well but as I was thinking yesterday it would not be my choice for serious off road riding maybe the tri-cross?

So I set out this adventure partially to see what the Fargo could do, but also to push myself physically. In the end I have traveled a large distance and made " good time" but did I really have a good time with out Wendi, no. I will admit climbing this afternoon thought hemlock forest with spectacular forest streams was amazing. Fly down the hill with a huge smile on my face the whole time was exhilarating, but in the end if you can share this with someone only through words was it worth it? I think during this trip "making good" really sunk in. Going fast is not always better, sharing the experience with some you love is what counts. I truly look forward to my future adventures with Wendi and coming back hear to explore the trail by foot. Maybe a few days w/ Pete in august?

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