Monday, March 29, 2010

More Adventures by others

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Completed Bike

Finally had a chance to get the fenders and rack installed. The front disk break made aligning the front fender a bit tricky but after a bit of sculpting of the support racks got centered on the tire. The front support rods for the rear rack are bit short so the rack is not parallel, will see if I can make new ones at work. It started to rain as I got done and am still not wanting to get the new bike wet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Date

My first day with the assembled Salsa Fargo... I am in love. Took the new bike out for a lunch time ride today. The sun was shining, a bit cool but with plenty of layers a perfect day for the bike. A a small 6-7 mile loop around work stopping occasionally to make some adjustments, raise the seat, align the handlebars and fork.... At 60 PSI the tires rolled with ease. I am definitely seated up straight, and can actually enjoy the drops with out straining my back with a standard road bike. Saw Dan was at home for lunch and stopped by. he was out walking but Amy was around and took a look, she thought it was a "girls" bike because of the steep slope of the top tube...silly girl this is a manly mans bike if I ever saw one! 5 water bottle holders, 29" tires only a man could think up a bike like this.

Got home and took it for a ride in the woods with the dogs. Sadie @ 14 years was a bit slow, but kept up with us. I went out with the tires still at 60 PSI, and it felt like I was riding a hardtail bike (6 years on a full suspension has made me soft). I let some air out for the ride back and it was a completely different bike.I was quite impressed with the way it handled, the only trouble was in the patched of deep snow , but most bikes are squirrelly in the snow.

Still struggling a bit with the bar end shifters, but they should become natural with a few more rides.