Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Commuting Upate

Had a great ride in to work and home today. A bit chilly this morning but had on plenty of warm clothes to keep me warm, the mittens really made a difference. Starting to really feel comfortable on the bike, maybe the callus on my ass is starting to match the profile of the seat. Still need to tweak the handle bars a bit, I think I need to roll them forward a bit more. The slicker 40mm tires are quite a bit more efficient, I averaged 18.5 mph going in and coming home over the 12.5 mile distance. I took the middle road home, lots of ups and downs, but probably a bit more scenic than York road. Lots of people out walking today. Approaching 100 miles!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New tires

Swapped out the standard tires with a bit skinnier 40mm 700c tire. I struggled getting the new tite on the front rim, but the back one went on with no problems, gkadd to lnow fir sure a700c will fit the 29er rim! The new tire has a pretty smooth center section and knobbies on the outer edge. A but less rolling resistance @75 PSI. I average 1 mph faster on the way to work with it. Calling for cold weather this weekend so I will not be taking it to Buffalo.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Buffalo Ranch Ride

Good ride yesterday with the tandom, another great day with wonderful summer time weather in early April. Stopped in Ellicotville for an ice coffee and break. read a good editorial about the Mich militia that arrested - "Gun and religion are my two favorite kind of crazy" - classic

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Commute

Got in the first commute to work on the new bike yesterday. The Fargo did fine, a bit slower than the skinny tire aluminum road bike, but speed was not what the bike was built for. Tried to race Goebel on the way home, did fine keeping up for the first few miles, but eventually had to let him go. My legs paid for it by the time I reached Honeoye, luckly that was all I needed to do and was not going all the way home, the Pinewood climb would have killed me. Probably need to make some adjustments to seat height and may go with a slightly longer stem, ,but over all really enjoyed the upright position, but still comfy when I used the dropped portion of the handle bars.