Sunday, May 30, 2010

Single Track

I guess I have just become soft after 6 years on full suspension, but my back may not be able to survive a full day on the hard frame & single track. It did feel better w 45psi vs 70 psi tire pressure.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Tor Ride

Got out on the Fargo on Sunday with Wendi & Fred and road the fire roads at Hi-Tor. The first down hill was a bit scary as as the steam had come a bit loose and there was a bit of slop in the front end, lots of vibration any time I used the front breaks. We stopped in a beautiful section of pine forest for some photos, but the bugs where to thick to fix the bike. we took a casual pace as this was Freds first big ride of the year. We stopped for lots of photos, partial to fill Fred's facebook page and partially for the My Fargo Adventure Blog. We started at brinks road, went over ot the Basset Rd parking lot, over to the Canandaigua lake over look, down the hill to he big pond and then back up and to the car.

We stopped at the Basset Rd parking lot and I lowered the bars by about 20mm and tightened the stem, the bike handeled so much better on the down hills and breaking when the front end was not vibrating!